Black Winter Horse Blanket Anti-pilling Flannel and Soft 40″ x 30”



Style: Blankets

This is a high-quality anti-pilling flannel blanket.With its light weight, durable, compact, super soft features, the blanket touches great soft and comfortable.

Resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. Our blanket has a velvety fuzziness,anti-pilling, anti-wrinkling, anti-allergy, non-shedding fiber, which is perfect for those who are susceptible to allergies and asthma.

  • Size: 102cm*76cm (40″*30″)

  • Material: Anti-pilling flannel.

  • Manufacturing technique : Thermal transfer

  • Washing instructions: Please do not bleach!Quick-drying, hand wash and machine wash are both ok.

  • Design description: Full-frame Double-sided printing

  • Special statement: This size data is measured under the tile. Due to different measurement methods, the error within 1-2cm is normal.

  • Kindly Reminder: The picture display effect is for reference only, the final effect is subject to the actual product! Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or there will be errors such as slight color difference, position and size. If the above problems happened are normal, they will not be included in the after-sales treatment.

This product would normally take 3 to 5 business days to manufacture and we will ship your order immediately after production.

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