HERBED Fleece Blanket and Microfiber Soft Bed Throws Blanket 59??79inch Cartoon for Sofa Couch Decorative All Season Warm Living Room/Bedroom Lightweight Blankets


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Super soft blanket, made of flannel fleece, with a downy surface that provides soft, fluffy feel, comfortable skin contact and improves your sleep experience.

When it’s cold in the fall or winter and spring, you can lie in bed with a blanket or as a quilt lining to keep warm and sleep well all night.when you rest in the bedroom, study office or read a book, sitting room watching TV, at this time all need a warm blanket.

When you are outdoors, a blanket of moderate thickness can be carried with you, kept warm at all times when you are on business, traveling or camping, to protect your and your family’s health.you can put the blanket around the bed as a carpet or doormat, you can walk freely, also can protect your feet, you can put it in the living room, add vitality to your living room and sofa.

Even if used for a long time, the blanket is not easy to fade, wrinkle or pilling. It can still keep the blanket a bright color. It is suitable for all kinds of family environments, such as nature, farmhouse, Hawaii, festivals, Christmas, Halloween, etc. It is a gift for parents and friends.

Multi-purpose blankets don’t just serve as your insulation tool. They can be folded and used as pillows or cushions for your chair, in your car, on a train, on an airplane, in a coffee shop, etc.

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