AmazonBasics Soft Micromink Sherpa Throw Blanket – Full or Queen, Grey

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Color:Grey  |  Size:Full/Queen A Private Label Brand

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Color:Grey  |  Size:Full/Queen A Private Label Brand

7 reviews for AmazonBasics Soft Micromink Sherpa Throw Blanket – Full or Queen, Grey

  1. Ariel Meadow Stallings

    My son spent his infancy wrapped in minky blankets, and was immediately drawn in as soon as I got this one of out of the package. (A side note there to be careful: the blanket comes vacuum-packed in a plastic bag, and you have to use caution cutting the bag open, so as not to slice the blanket.)As soon as it was out, he was obsessed.”IT’S SO SOFT!” he bellowed, and then in a quieter voice: “Will you wrap me in it like a baby?”He’s almost 9, so this is not a thing that happens very often…”You mean like swaddle you?!” I said and he confirmed yes: swaddle him.So I did, and he was like “This is basically the best thing that has ever happened to me” and contentedly laid there, wrapped up like a burrito, listening to podcasts for an hour.This is all to say: this thing is SUPER SOFT. So soft that it reminded a 3rd grader of his baby blankets, and sorta reverted him to infancy. THAT’S a soft blanket. We’re very happy.

  2. 4EverYoung

    When I opened the package I thought there might have been a mistake in giving me the wrong product. I had to do a double take and recheck the packaging to make sure it wasn’t some other high priced item sent to me in error. Even though the fibers in this blanket are all man made, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference unless you did what happened to me. Before using, I washed on delicate cycle and used med/low heat on dryer cycle. The blanket has so much volume/bulk to it that even on the near lowest drying cycle (next to air drying, which I recommend), the blanket had ever so lightly melted/glazed over in several spots due to concentrated heat in various areas. The fix was taking a semi stiff brush to the areas to smooth out the surfaces to appear and feel uniform. So aside from my unfortunate faux pas. the blanket continues to be a fabulous addition to my bed during the crisp evening temperatures of fall and into spring weather.

  3. doo1dah

    This is a great blanket – I’m considering getting the throw also. I read so many reviews on other blankets complaining of shedding and pulling so as soon as I received it, it went into the wash on cool, and into the dryer on no heat. No shedding, no pilling just soft, soft, and pretty.

  4. Kathy Hoyt

    Not only is this blanket beautiful, it is delightfully warm! It is the perfect size for my full size bed, and it is large enough to hang over generously on each side and tuck in at the foot of the bed.

  5. New Rose

    I love blankets like this, but I hate when they shed fuzz everywhere. Luckily this one doesnt and it’s very warm and soft.

  6. Sammy

    This blanket is super soft. I got it on Black Friday for 40% (I think) off and I could not be more happy.The comfort level is on par with the Sherpa blankets that you find for sale in stores. The side with color (non-Sherpa side) feels softer than previous blankets I’ve got.When you first get the blanket out of the package, it has a kind of plasticy smell. I just threw mine straight in the wash and it took care of the smell.

  7. Yoori N.

    My dog Simon is the unofficial product tester for Amazon Basics and he approves.

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