Bedsure Queen Adult Weighted Blanket 15 pounds – 60 x 80 inch Queen ,Weighted Blankets with Glass Beads 100% Cotton Grey Heavy Blanket

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Size:60×80  |  Weight:15.0 Pounds Bedsure Weighted Blanket Queen 60×80+15lb US

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Size:60×80  |  Weight:15.0 Pounds Bedsure Weighted Blanket Queen 60×80+15lb US

9 reviews for Bedsure Queen Adult Weighted Blanket 15 pounds – 60 x 80 inch Queen ,Weighted Blankets with Glass Beads 100% Cotton Grey Heavy Blanket

  1. Faybee mama

    The blanket is great. Very calming great for my entire family

  2. BrokeCauseOfAmazon

    Perfect size. The 12 wasn’t heavy enough so I went up to the 15 and it seems perfect. I am 5’1” and it’s plenty big and just the right amount of weight. It is HOT though. Perfect winter blanket because it’s toasty

  3. Crystal Flores

    I’ve been debating to buy a weighted blanket, but this is magnificent! I love that it is machine washable and can be put into the dryer as well. It is made of premium softness of cotton. I love it, a great investment to sleep like a baby, and it’s a great price!


    This blanket is amazing. Pretty, durable and practical. The pressure from it would seem heavy when you move it around but when you are lying underneath it you don’t even realize it’s on you. After 2 days of using it I forgot it was on the bed and I was falling asleep so quickly and felt so calm. I will be getting more for everyone in the house.

  5. Autumn Dawson

    This weighted blanket is amazing! It arrived very quickly and we love it. It’s great quality. I was reluctant about the whole weighted blanket thing but it’s weighted just enough and it’s so comforting. We’ve had it about a week and my light sleeper hubby has been sleeping like a rock, the first morning he actually said “wow, I feel great!” I definitely recommend this blanket!

  6. Courtney Davis

    My husband grinds his teeth terribly due to stress at work, he works a ton. We read that these can help you have a more peaceful sleep and help with anxiety. And boy do they stay true to that. Although he still wear his mouth piece at night he hasn’t had anymore damage to his teeth due to grinding. And he seems to fall asleep faster and doesn’t stay up thinking. I have definitely seen a difference in his sleep, I will be buying more of these they are so comfy and the weight is well spread out you don’t have a heavy Spot or anything. Love the darker color as well. I’m not saying this will help you the way it has helped my husband I’m just speaking from his experience.

  7. saffron35

    First time buying a weighted blanket & I love it. It keeps me warm & helps with my anxiety too. Will be purchasing another one for my bedroom

  8. Christian Dinco

    There’s been very few things, in my entire life, that have been as instantaneously gratifying as bundling up with this Syrinx™ weighted therapy blanket. I couldn’t find the right words to explain to my friends, family and coworkers of what an experience it is to bundle up under this blanket. In my frustration I began the laborious task of folding this twenty pound blanket up every morning and bringing it with me everywhere I went so I could let non-believers see for themselves what a Godsend it is. Just today I threw it on one of my superiors at work and he described it like being swaddled like an infant. A friend told me that it must feel like getting a big hug all night. This is the best purchase I’ve made all year and this blanket changed the way I’ll sleep for the rest of my life.

  9. Rene R

    Ive been hesitant about getting one of these weighted blankets. I have PTSD & Anxiety about anything on me. I ordered one thinking I would give it away if I didnt like it. Tried it the first night I got it. At first it felt too heavy and I started to have an anxiety attack. In a few minutes I felt calm, temp wasnt too hot, and it started to feel as if it was a normal blanket. I was very pleasantly surprised. I love this blanket. The outer shell is a good material that also seemed to repel my cats fur. It also looks very nice on the bed. Queen was a nice size. If two people sleep in a Queen or Full, you may want to get the King.

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